I felt free, I could tell God exactly how I felt and dance from my heart.



“I remember dancing as a little girl in our TV room to one of my father’s old gospel CD’s. I felt free, I could tell God exactly how I felt through movements as I danced from the depths of my heart. Now ask yourself, why should we only be dancing in unashamed praise when we are little or when we are alone at home?

Dancing Towards Destiny is a safe place where girls have the opportunity to learn to dance, express their emotions and ignite their passion.

At DTD, girls are encouraged to not be ashamed of worshipping God and to embrace the freedom of bringing their praises to Him in openness and truth. We not only teach them to worship God through dance but also through their lifestyles. Dance is so much more than just technique, it is an honest form of art…

After our girls feel safe enough to express and move, we use technique to enhance their movement and complete their choreography (with the emphasis being on after). Technique is a wonderful tool but at DTD we believe it is a finishing tool, therefore is not our core focus.

I have seen people with no rhythm do such an honest, real expression of worship dance. We put that kind of potential in a box if we cannot live beyond technique. Worship is not just dance, it’s a lifestyle and I started Dancing Towards Destiny because I know my purpose is to teach God’s girls to worship Him freely.

With love,

Janey Ellis, Director