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Dancing Towards Destiny has many other areas where we showcase our dancing outside our weekly dance lessons. We see it as part of our ministry to serve the community. Learning to dance can have an impact in many areas of your church, ministry and life. Our offering extends across:

Would you like your church members to be taught a dance routine for an event or for more intimate praise and worship during your service?

Refer to ‘Equipping your Church’ below for more details

Are you looking for an item for your event, conference or church service?

Read more about our ‘Dance Ministry’ below

Did you know we can help your ladies ministry learn a few practical methods and techniques to help you worship through dance?

Learn more about our ‘Dance Workshops’ below

Did you know we give all our dancers the opportunity to showcase what they have learnt at our bi-annual showcase events?

Read more below about our showcases and events below

For more information on any of our ministry areas contact our DTD office.

Equipping your Church

Dancing towards Destiny come and equip your church members by teaching choreographed dances on-site. We want to empower and teach your members (kids, ladies or youth groups) to be able to dance in your church productions, during worship or at events. Our aim is to leave you with the necessary skills and techniques to effectively minister through dance.

Onsite choreography offered in Ermelo and Johannesburg.

Dance Ministry

Dancing Towards Destiny’s dancers come and minister at your church events, ladies teas, school events, Christian conferences, old age homes or youth camps, performing dance routines that are inspiring and that glorify God. Our purpose and passion is to bless the community around us. We offer ‘custom-built’ dances according to your theme, flow and the atmosphere of your event.

Ministry dances offered in Ermelo and Johannesburg.

For more information or to book an event, please contact our DTD office.

Ladies Worship Workshops

Practical on-site worship dance workshops for Mom’s or working ladies of all shapes, sizes and colour. Our passionate teachers facilitate workshops (approx. 3 hours) where we give you the tools, tips and techniques you need to dance. We want to make dancing easy, practical and accessible. No dance experience is required. The only prerequisite is a passion for God and a willingness to be trained in the basics of worshiping Him through movement. Workshops are offered at local churches and bookings can be made via our DTD office.

Minimum of 8 ladies required per workshop. Workshops offered in Ermelo and Johannesburg.

For more information please contact our Director, Janey Ellis.

Bi-annual Concert Showcase

On completion of their respective levels, all the Dancing Towards Destiny dancers are encouraged to exhibit their skills and techniques at our bi-annual showcase. Dances are choreographed and family and friends join us as we celebrate the display of worship and passion for ministry through dance. We are honoured to give God all the glory and thank him for the ability to love and praise him through dance.